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Seedling Greenhouses are Open!!!!

Come on by this Memorial Day weekend to pick up your seedling order or just pick out some seedlings for your garden. I will be around all weekend for seedling […]

Family Gardening Series at the Urban Forestry Center

Attached is a notice about our upcoming Family Gardening Series in Portsmouth, NH at the Urban Forestry Center.  This series is designed for families who want to begin growing their […]

Our 2017 Seeding Order form is available

Happy spring!!!  Even though the ground is still covered by many inches of snow, the days are longer and the sun is stronger and things are melting.  And I saw snow […]

August 24th Rye Farmer’s Market

August 23rd? Wow, where did summer go??? All the veggies are really coming now though. Look what we have tomorrow for the Rye Farmer’s Market. We also have tons of […]

Awesome video about Sidewalk Farms

Super cool video by my friend Steve Sanger at about our urban farm. Our bunny Jags and one of our White Leghorn chickens is figured prominently in the video. […]

Rye Farmer’s market gets a visit from Jags the bunny on August 3rd

Looking forward to the Rye Farmer’s Market tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3rd. Our new bunny, Jags Honeydew, will be joining me. He is very sweet and loves to be pet and […]

Meet Max the bunny. He will be joining me at the Rye Farmer’s Market tomorrow, July 20th. Max is very sweet and friendly. Come on by and say hello. And […]

Daisy the hen joins us at the market July 13th

In addition to all the yummy veggies (kale, beets, potatoes, garlic, and lettuce) I am bringing to this week’s Rye Farmer’s Market I will also be bringing a friend. Her […]

Garlic scapes at the Rye Farmer’s Market

Looking forward to the Rye Farmers Market tomorrow (Wednesday from 2:30 to 5:30). I will have gorgeous heads of leafy lettuce, lots of perfect kale, tons and tons of garlic […]

The Rye Farmer’s Market is back!!!

The Rye Farmer’s Market starts this Wednesday, June 22 from 2:30 to 5:30 in the center of Rye, NH.  We are so excited to be back.  I think this is […]