Leslie teaching a workshop at the Children's Museum of NH

Leslie teaching a workshop at the Children's Museum of NH - photo courtesy of the Children's Museum of NH

Below is a list of services I currently offer.  To schedule an appointment for any of these services, complete my contact form, email me at leslie@sidewalkfarms.com, or call 603-427-1346.

Private consultation services at your home
I offer consultative services at your home and can provide answers on topics such as:

  • Conceptual designs
  • Where to locate your garden to yield the best results
  • What kind of garden to install
  • What types of vegetables/small fruits to grow
  • How to grow food in containers
  • Pest and disease problems
  • How to make the most out of your space

I also offer seed starting workshops in the spring and can teach you all the skills you need to be successful in growing your own food.  As long as you have sun and soil – you can grow something to eat. Rates for private consultation and garden work available upon request.

I offer free workshops at several non-profit sites so please ask if you are a non-profit group interested in hosting an event.  My goal is to expand awareness on how to grow your own food and I like to reach out to as many different groups as possible.  I also speak at “garden parties” where people get a group together and pitch in a little money to have me come out and talk about specific gardening topics. Workshop rates available upon request.

Lastly I love to give tours of our urban farm located in downtown Portsmouth, NH including the following points of interest:

  • Indoor green house used for spring seed starting and winter food production
  • Active three bin compost site
  • Two chicken coops and 8 chickens
  • Working honey bee hive
  • Worm composting
  • Small fruit farming
  • Extensive vegetables growing
  • Rainwater collection / usage for garden watering

There is much to see and talk about here so make an appointment and come on by.